❤️💋My beauty box Subscriptions ❤️💋

One of the best things I’ve discovered over the years is makeup subscription boxes!

A subscription box is a great way to try new things you wouldn’t normally buy and is a great way to build your makeup collection up without breaking the bank!

There are a few out there, I’ll start with the ones I am subscribed to and then I’ll get to the ones I’m considering. Keep in mind there are more! These are just the ones I have or that I’m considering!


$10.00 a month. 5 products a month. They ask questions to personalize your products. These are mostly trial size products but I sometimes get some full size. I feel like it’s worth it and that lately they have been stepping up their game. They always send a makeup bag and they’re always super cute! Here’s my February bag.


You can click this link to check it out.


$21 a month. You get 4 or 5 full-size items. Ranging from makeup and skincare, to beauty tools! Each box is valued at at least $100. I really love this one! My favorites are probably the face masks this month.

I am upgrading to Boxyluxe for an extra $28.99. You get an upgraded box every 3 months worth $250. Worth of products. They only charge you the extra every 3 months when you receive Boxyluxe and you get the $21 box in between. I will receive the first Boxyluxe box in March and I’ll update y’all!


Click here to check it out!

Now, those are the only ones I have at the moment. I am looking into some others I’ll post below.

Play by Sephora

$10 a month. 5 trial size products and a recyclable, reusable bag.

I’m not sure about this one. I already have Ipsy, it’s only trial size and I don’t get much use out of trial size. But for the price it isn’t bad.


Allure Beauty Box

$15 a month. But you can get the first month for $10. It’s all full and deluxe products and a reusable bag. I would get it because of the full size products. I’m not for sure of the value of the boxes but it says the February box is valued at $98.


Fit Fab Fun

Costs $49.99, 4 times a year. 8-10 full size products. You can customize some products or keep it a surprise. I don’t know a lot about this one. It’s not a makeup subscription and it has made me curious to see what I would get lol. But it’s advertised so much it’s kind of a turn off for me so I probably won’t get it. But I’m still curious lol.


Ok that’s all I have on subscription boxes for now. I LOVE getting subscription boxes because it’s like Christmas every month, I get to try new things I wouldn’t normally try and it’s at a discount price!

Let me know what subscription boxes you have! What boxes are you interested in? I’m always looking for a good deal.

Xoxo, JamieB

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