Even when you’re scared

I never promised this blog would always make sense. I did tell you about me having anxiety. So today is going to be a little less about makeup and a little more about my thoughts. After all, that’s why we blog, right?

It’s really hard putting yourself out there for the world to see. To want to learn, grow and change yourself for the better but in front of people, is really hard. The funny thing is that I don’t worry about what people that I don’t know or barely know think at all. If they don’t like my content or my style of makeup it’s ok. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. Some will even give me tips on how to improve and help me grow, and that, is awesome. I am however terrified of embarrassing my family and friends, or my kids and husband. I almost gave up because I don’t want to think of my sisters being embarrassed because I’m making a fool of myself and in turn embarrassing them or my kids friends making fun of their mom because she’s too old to start her makeup blog and Instagram and all of that. The anxiety is rough. But I’m stronger than my anxiety. I am choosing to overcome those negative thoughts and keep doing what I love.

I don’t care if I only have 5 readers each blog, I mean I want so much more but, I’ve decided to use it as my journey. I will document all the products I try, the ones I love, don’t love and flat out hate. I will post pictures of the makeup looks that I create so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come one day. I will give tips so that if even one person gets more confidence, finds a way to conquer dry skin, help fight their blemishes or even make a leap and get those eyelash extensions done, I have made some sort of impact by sharing what I love.

I will finally tell everyone that I passed my makeup artist certification (expert level) and be proud instead of embarrassed. I have no idea why I’m embarrassed to tell anyone but I was. And Yes I passed my makeup artist certification and will have it soon to frame and put in my makeup room. I’m also going to keep going to the next level.

I am not going to give into my Anxiety. I will push myself to keep doing what I love. Mostly I will show my kids and whoever else needs to know that your never too old to chase your dreams. Your never too old to learn and grow. And your NEVER too old to feel beautiful.

Xoxo, JamieB

7 thoughts on “Even when you’re scared

  1. I got my eyelashes done yesterday! I think she went a bit conservative but that’s ok. I can add a bit more next time. Hell at 46 I’m trying to figure out how to do makeup! So it’s helping me too!


    1. That’s awesome! I felt like that the first time I got mine done. Now I have rakes for eyelashes. Lol just kidding but mine are huge and I love them. I get conservative and then big lol. It’s fun to play around! I’m proud of you! ❤️


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