She spent WHAT on THAT?

The beauty world is so full of options. Many people think you have to spend a lot to look boujee, that my friends is simply not true! Whether your trying to look runway ready or going for a more natural beauty look, there’s something in your budget. Let’s dive into some awesome beauty products that won’t break the bank.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue

I use this daily and they have formulas for Combo skin and Dry skin. Moisturizer is a must for any type of skin and at less than $7.00, this is a great deal!

I get mine at my local Walmart! you can get this at most drugstores!

Elf Primer Putty

This is probably the best primer i have ever used. It makes my skin look flawless and feels great on my skin! At only $8.00 who can complain??? This is however hard to find because it is sold out almost everywhere! TAKE MY MONEY!

The only place i can find this right now is on ELFs website!

Elf High Definition Powder

I use this as a baking or finishing powder, it is sheer and doesnt cake! Guess what?? Its only $6.00! WHAT!!!!

I got mine at my local Walmart, you can also go to ELFs website.

Maybelline Snapscara

I recently tried this one and fell in love and I am so picky about mascara. The formula is great! They have several different colors besides just black. You can grab this for $5.99 on Amazon. I did however get mine at Walmart.

Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner

Want something that won’t smudge, will stay all day and is affordable? Try this!!! Its around $5.00! Amazon right now has a deal for two and I will be ordering!

2 for Less than $10.00 WHAT!

Loreal Infallible 24HR Freshwear

I have mentioned this on my blog before, on Instagram and on Facebook. This foundation is the real deal! I am super picky about ALL foundation and this is better than most of the high end stuff. Doesn’t hurt to try it for $11.99!

I got this at my local Walmart

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I love this spray! you can get it in different sizes but i usually get the small bottle for $7.00 at Ulta and use it as a setting spray for after I’m finished with my makeup!

Amazon or Ulta is where I get these.

Elf Brow Pencil

Yall, this is $2.00, I MEAN IT TWO DOLLARS! I saw this at Walmart and decided to try it and now I use this more than anything! I mean I LOVE my Urban Decay Brow Blade but this Elf eyebrow pencil is the BOMB!

$2.00 at Walmart

UCANBE Twilight Eyeshadow Palette

This one surprised me y’all! I ordered this on amazon just to try it and it did not disappoint. This has 18 beautiful colors and is only $9.99 on Amazon. Everything you need in one palette for soooooo many looks!

These colors are to die for!

Charmcode Cageling Eyeshadow Palette

I recently received this one from Amazon and it is gorgeous! The colors are so pigmented and can be used to create so many looks! There are 15 colors for $11.99.

This packaging is so pretty!

Have you tried any of these? Will you?

If you have any products I should try leave them in the comments! I love trying new products.

Thanks Y’all, XOXO JamieB

One thought on “She spent WHAT on THAT?

  1. This is good information! There are so many products out there, and it can be hard to find good prices on the ones that work. I have tried other Elf products that I liked, so after reading your post I will have to try the primer putty. I will also try the Garnier gel that you named first. I have been using No. 7 primer and foundation and like it a lot. If you buy it from Walgreens online, you can get good deals on it… but maybe I’ll try the L’Oréal Foundation that you mentioned.


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