Girls Girls Girls

Some days you need a minute, a break of sorts. Some days you just need time away from chores and running around like a crazy person taking care of everyone and everything. Today, my lovely friends, was that day for my daughter and I.

We left our house in our PJs, no makeup on, hair all a mess, loaded up our makeup and went to see a friend of mine, who’s youngest daughter was home too, and had a girls day. We had lunch, watched a movie, danced around the living room and played in every bit of the makeup we both had!

We all needed this, actually, I’m writing this because I bet every one of you need this too! Everyone needs to dance and laugh and just be able to be yourself for a day. The only thing that would have made this day better is if our other two friends and their kiddos should have been there, we missed them dearly. But it was great to get away. Even if it was only for a day!

I mean, look at these little ladies! They absolutely loved this! You guys should have heard the giggles! We even watched them do makeup on each other blindfolded! 😂 it was fun for both my friend and myself, they needed it as much as we do. We experimented with all kinds of colors! Blues and greens and pinks!

We all played with this beauty! The girls really loved it! It was a great day and I’m so thankful!

Now go call your friend, have a girls day, and enjoy it! I know I’ll definitely make more time to have more days like this!

Let me know what you do on a girls day!

XOXO, JamieB

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