When your “mom bod” isn’t a mom bod

So I had my first kid in 2004, my second in 2006 and number 3 is 2007.

I hear the term mom bod a lot. Not directly something I’ve heard about myself but I could see why if I had.

Well here is something I have been thinking about!

After my third kiddo was born I bounced back quick! I mean I looked better than ever! I was smaller after him than I was before I was even pregnant with #1! I kept it up for years. I looked great. No pooch, looked like I had never had kids! A few years later though I started having serious trouble with my “cycle”. I was miserable. Cramps didn’t even explain the pain I was in. My youngest was almost one when it all really started. I was almost crippled during “that time” of the month. Next thing you know, that time of the month didn’t really ever stop. The youngest was maybe 3 when I had a hysterectomy. I mean full on total remove it all or you will die hysterectomy. That’s when the weight came. It’s so hard being a woman sometimes. It’s like your body betrays you. It gives up! About a year after my hysterectomy I noticed I had started gaining weight. People say “oh you’ve had kids” like it’s all ok. But that’s not why I gained weight. It’s not a mom bod! I wish it was. I wish It was only my battle scars but It’s a your girly parts are gone and can’t keep you in order bod. It’s a “now you’ll never be the same because the equipment was defective” bod.

You see I struggled for years with cysts on my ovaries! I had PCOS. It got so bad that I couldn’t walk. I found that I had endometriosis so bad that I was bleeding internally. The only cure was a radical hysterectomy and no hormones for months to help me. So this is the battle I fought. I am blessed to have had children at all. Now I can’t take hormones thought, due to the reaction my body had to them and take an antidepressant every day. But the weight is such a struggle for me! It’s like I can’t get it under control!

So to everyone out there, mom or not. I feel you. I get it. You are so beautiful. Please don’t let the term “mom bod” or “baby weight” get you down. We all have struggles, even if we don’t all admit it.

So tomorrow I will go to the beach, sit by the ocean and know that I am beautiful. I’d love to say I’ll be in a bikini by the water but I’m not there yet, at least I don’t think I am!

Anyways, I just wanted to let people know, mom or not, mommy body or recovering body, you do you! Everyone has their story. We all just live it differently.

Please feel free to comment below your struggles! What have you been through as a woman and how have you overcome it? Or how are you trying to overcome it?

Thanks for letting me rant.

Love always ❤️


It’s what I do

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile. A lot of people apologize. Me, well, I have missed you all but won’t. For those of you who don’t know… I volunteer with the CajunNavy Foundation. I do disaster relief. Makeup, Skincare and all of the beauty world definitely means so much to me. I’m sure you guys can see that, but, when I feel the call to help people, that’s what I do. But anyways… I had some time today to get into my makeup and I’m telling you all it was glorious!

I’ve messed around with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette a tad but today I fell head over heels I love with it! It’s perfect for spring and doesn’t disappoint!


Look at the colors! At first it may seem intimidating to some. It was to me at first! But I have found that I can create several looks with just this one palette! Here is one look.

But anyways, just wanted to get in and say hello! And that you all so much for reading!

Xoxo, JamieB

This one right here goes out to all the baby’s mamas, mamas mamas

Before I rant, because she will read this one day, I must tell you all that my main inspiration is my daughter. She was the one who told me about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette I love so much, she inspires me to try new colors and to wear false lashes like i do now. She loves makeup like I do and it is a bond that we will always have, I love her dearly. Her eye look is my logo


How many of you have Daughters? How many of you cant find your mascara? or liner? or well…… ANYTHING ELSE that they can get their pretty little teen fingers on?

The first time my little got into my makeup she was about 2ish and not only did she do her makeup, she did her brothers makeup (he was a baby) and she did his crib and the walls makeup too. I mean that Sish was everywhere! Back then i had maybe a makeup bag full of makeup, so as bad as it was…. it wasn’t that bad. But she annihilated what i did have, and that sucked. But she was so proud of her “matup”.

Fast forward about 12ish years…

Now, I have quite an extensive collection of makeup, as you may have noticed, and I welcome my sweet little spawn to use my things as long as she asks and takes care of things but i Can’t stand when I can’t find what I need. I keep everything organized and sanitized and pretty. She has a hay day and either it looks like a bomb went off or I can’t find anything. I know these days are numbered and I will miss them, heck y’all i miss them already just thinking about it but, I can’t be the only mom who is frustrated! So, here’s to all of you Mamas out there who are frustrated with me…..We got this, grab yourself a glass of wine or whatever your drink of choice is and know, You are not alone! We are raising smart, strong and talented women who must have good taste. And yes, my daughter, when you read this, I DID STEAL YOUR Yes, Please ColourPop Palette…

XOXO, JamieB

Girls Girls Girls

Some days you need a minute, a break of sorts. Some days you just need time away from chores and running around like a crazy person taking care of everyone and everything. Today, my lovely friends, was that day for my daughter and I.

We left our house in our PJs, no makeup on, hair all a mess, loaded up our makeup and went to see a friend of mine, who’s youngest daughter was home too, and had a girls day. We had lunch, watched a movie, danced around the living room and played in every bit of the makeup we both had!

We all needed this, actually, I’m writing this because I bet every one of you need this too! Everyone needs to dance and laugh and just be able to be yourself for a day. The only thing that would have made this day better is if our other two friends and their kiddos should have been there, we missed them dearly. But it was great to get away. Even if it was only for a day!

I mean, look at these little ladies! They absolutely loved this! You guys should have heard the giggles! We even watched them do makeup on each other blindfolded! 😂 it was fun for both my friend and myself, they needed it as much as we do. We experimented with all kinds of colors! Blues and greens and pinks!

We all played with this beauty! The girls really loved it! It was a great day and I’m so thankful!

Now go call your friend, have a girls day, and enjoy it! I know I’ll definitely make more time to have more days like this!

Let me know what you do on a girls day!

XOXO, JamieB

She spent WHAT on THAT?

The beauty world is so full of options. Many people think you have to spend a lot to look boujee, that my friends is simply not true! Whether your trying to look runway ready or going for a more natural beauty look, there’s something in your budget. Let’s dive into some awesome beauty products that won’t break the bank.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue

I use this daily and they have formulas for Combo skin and Dry skin. Moisturizer is a must for any type of skin and at less than $7.00, this is a great deal!

I get mine at my local Walmart! you can get this at most drugstores!

Elf Primer Putty

This is probably the best primer i have ever used. It makes my skin look flawless and feels great on my skin! At only $8.00 who can complain??? This is however hard to find because it is sold out almost everywhere! TAKE MY MONEY!

The only place i can find this right now is on ELFs website!

Elf High Definition Powder

I use this as a baking or finishing powder, it is sheer and doesnt cake! Guess what?? Its only $6.00! WHAT!!!!

I got mine at my local Walmart, you can also go to ELFs website.

Maybelline Snapscara

I recently tried this one and fell in love and I am so picky about mascara. The formula is great! They have several different colors besides just black. You can grab this for $5.99 on Amazon. I did however get mine at Walmart.

Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner

Want something that won’t smudge, will stay all day and is affordable? Try this!!! Its around $5.00! Amazon right now has a deal for two and I will be ordering!

2 for Less than $10.00 WHAT!

Loreal Infallible 24HR Freshwear

I have mentioned this on my blog before, on Instagram and on Facebook. This foundation is the real deal! I am super picky about ALL foundation and this is better than most of the high end stuff. Doesn’t hurt to try it for $11.99!

I got this at my local Walmart

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I love this spray! you can get it in different sizes but i usually get the small bottle for $7.00 at Ulta and use it as a setting spray for after I’m finished with my makeup!

Amazon or Ulta is where I get these.

Elf Brow Pencil

Yall, this is $2.00, I MEAN IT TWO DOLLARS! I saw this at Walmart and decided to try it and now I use this more than anything! I mean I LOVE my Urban Decay Brow Blade but this Elf eyebrow pencil is the BOMB!

$2.00 at Walmart

UCANBE Twilight Eyeshadow Palette

This one surprised me y’all! I ordered this on amazon just to try it and it did not disappoint. This has 18 beautiful colors and is only $9.99 on Amazon. Everything you need in one palette for soooooo many looks!

These colors are to die for!

Charmcode Cageling Eyeshadow Palette

I recently received this one from Amazon and it is gorgeous! The colors are so pigmented and can be used to create so many looks! There are 15 colors for $11.99.

This packaging is so pretty!

Have you tried any of these? Will you?

If you have any products I should try leave them in the comments! I love trying new products.

Thanks Y’all, XOXO JamieB

My name is Jamie, and I’m an addict.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m addicted to makeup, namely, eyeshadow palettes. I love a good eyeshadow palette. It makes it so much easier to create looks and if I travel I just grab one and don’t have a thousand little ones to keep up with and can make so many looks with one good palette.

When I find a great eyeshadow palette, the joy it brings me is probably ridiculous. I’m like a kid on Christmas, only more excited.

Let me explain it to you like this. I can go to the store and buy a dozen or more shadows and mix and match and try to find color schemes that go together and spend hours doing it. How much would that cost? It would cost a LOT of money and waste a lot of time and I would probably forget colors! Eyeshadow palettes range in price but most are much cheaper than buying individual pans! Don’t get me wrong I have some individual pans that I love, but I would much rather have palettes!

Here are a few of the palettes that I have. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite. They all have different uses that depend on anything from where I’m going to my mood.

Another plus of a palette is I can do looks on other people! I may have colors I don’t use much but I will have access to those colors for other people’s looks. I can sterilize them easily which is a MUST when doing others makeup.

Colourpop (pictured above) is a great brand and extremely affordable! I think these range from $16.00 to $20.00 and they are sooo worth it!

The Profusion Festival Palette has a WIDE variety of colors! I got this from Walmart. I can’t remember what I paid but it was under $20.00, I actually think it was around $14.00 but I can remember. It’s beautiful!

An eyeshadow palette can also bring out creativity and step up your makeup game! It makes you want to step out of your comfort zone and try colors you wouldn’t normally try because you already have the colors so why not!

What’s your favorite palette?

If you haven’t bought a palette yet are you going to step outside the box and try now? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Xoxo Jamie

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry

ColourPop Fame

James Charles x Morphe

Even when you’re scared

I never promised this blog would always make sense. I did tell you about me having anxiety. So today is going to be a little less about makeup and a little more about my thoughts. After all, that’s why we blog, right?

It’s really hard putting yourself out there for the world to see. To want to learn, grow and change yourself for the better but in front of people, is really hard. The funny thing is that I don’t worry about what people that I don’t know or barely know think at all. If they don’t like my content or my style of makeup it’s ok. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. Some will even give me tips on how to improve and help me grow, and that, is awesome. I am however terrified of embarrassing my family and friends, or my kids and husband. I almost gave up because I don’t want to think of my sisters being embarrassed because I’m making a fool of myself and in turn embarrassing them or my kids friends making fun of their mom because she’s too old to start her makeup blog and Instagram and all of that. The anxiety is rough. But I’m stronger than my anxiety. I am choosing to overcome those negative thoughts and keep doing what I love.

I don’t care if I only have 5 readers each blog, I mean I want so much more but, I’ve decided to use it as my journey. I will document all the products I try, the ones I love, don’t love and flat out hate. I will post pictures of the makeup looks that I create so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come one day. I will give tips so that if even one person gets more confidence, finds a way to conquer dry skin, help fight their blemishes or even make a leap and get those eyelash extensions done, I have made some sort of impact by sharing what I love.

I will finally tell everyone that I passed my makeup artist certification (expert level) and be proud instead of embarrassed. I have no idea why I’m embarrassed to tell anyone but I was. And Yes I passed my makeup artist certification and will have it soon to frame and put in my makeup room. I’m also going to keep going to the next level.

I am not going to give into my Anxiety. I will push myself to keep doing what I love. Mostly I will show my kids and whoever else needs to know that your never too old to chase your dreams. Your never too old to learn and grow. And your NEVER too old to feel beautiful.

Xoxo, JamieB

❤️💋My beauty box Subscriptions ❤️💋

One of the best things I’ve discovered over the years is makeup subscription boxes!

A subscription box is a great way to try new things you wouldn’t normally buy and is a great way to build your makeup collection up without breaking the bank!

There are a few out there, I’ll start with the ones I am subscribed to and then I’ll get to the ones I’m considering. Keep in mind there are more! These are just the ones I have or that I’m considering!


$10.00 a month. 5 products a month. They ask questions to personalize your products. These are mostly trial size products but I sometimes get some full size. I feel like it’s worth it and that lately they have been stepping up their game. They always send a makeup bag and they’re always super cute! Here’s my February bag.


You can click this link to check it out.


$21 a month. You get 4 or 5 full-size items. Ranging from makeup and skincare, to beauty tools! Each box is valued at at least $100. I really love this one! My favorites are probably the face masks this month.

I am upgrading to Boxyluxe for an extra $28.99. You get an upgraded box every 3 months worth $250. Worth of products. They only charge you the extra every 3 months when you receive Boxyluxe and you get the $21 box in between. I will receive the first Boxyluxe box in March and I’ll update y’all!


Click here to check it out!

Now, those are the only ones I have at the moment. I am looking into some others I’ll post below.

Play by Sephora

$10 a month. 5 trial size products and a recyclable, reusable bag.

I’m not sure about this one. I already have Ipsy, it’s only trial size and I don’t get much use out of trial size. But for the price it isn’t bad.


Allure Beauty Box

$15 a month. But you can get the first month for $10. It’s all full and deluxe products and a reusable bag. I would get it because of the full size products. I’m not for sure of the value of the boxes but it says the February box is valued at $98.


Fit Fab Fun

Costs $49.99, 4 times a year. 8-10 full size products. You can customize some products or keep it a surprise. I don’t know a lot about this one. It’s not a makeup subscription and it has made me curious to see what I would get lol. But it’s advertised so much it’s kind of a turn off for me so I probably won’t get it. But I’m still curious lol.


Ok that’s all I have on subscription boxes for now. I LOVE getting subscription boxes because it’s like Christmas every month, I get to try new things I wouldn’t normally try and it’s at a discount price!

Let me know what subscription boxes you have! What boxes are you interested in? I’m always looking for a good deal.

Xoxo, JamieB

I don’t wash my face

I don’t wash my face. Yep, you read that right, I have pretty sensitive skin, a lot of cleansers dry my face out or make me have some ugly bumps. So I quit the cleanser! Every night before bed and every morning I use face wipes instead. Once a week sometimes twice I will exfoliate. Exfoliating is extremely important! Other than that let me go through my daily skincare routine!

1. I wipe my face and neck with a face wipe to remove dirt or makeup or whatever there may be on my skin. I have tried so many wipes but the sensitive ones are my go to!

Equate sensitive from Walmart

2. Then I massage Bio-oil on my face and neck. I know, I know….. your sick of hearing about it but it is just THAT good! It doesn’t leave me greasy and it has worked wonders for my skin.

My fave! Got it at Walmart

3. After my Bio-oil soaks in I put my Garnier on my face and neck. It’s an amazing gel cream. Not greasy at all! I also have the pink brand for dry skin.

After all of this I spritz a little Mario Badescu on my face. Usually I do the lavender at night.

And that’s it! It’s seems like a lot but it doesn’t take but a few minutes and it keeps me hydrated! I find that keeping a routine is what keeps my skin happy and healthy! I do change it up from time to time and some days I use an eye cream but for now these are my go to skincare products.

If anyone has skincare products they recommend leave them in the comments, I just may have to check them out because I love trying new things!

Thanks for checking me out! Xoxo JamieB

Wow! Thank You!

I am so overwhelmed at the support I’m receiving from everyone. To be honest I was very self conscious about starting a blog. It’s always scary starting something new. That’s also where my anxiety kicks in and my brain starts to kick into overdrive and I am filled with doubt and confusion. The support I have received has helped me more than you all know!

Now, I had some people message me and ask me questions about some of my must have products so I thought I would share some of my “must haves” with you!

First things first, Bio-oil. Yes, you read that right! The same bio-oil used for scars and stretch marks. I’m a lifelong fan, a Bio-oil groupie, it’s the peanut butter to my jelly y’all! It was made for me! Lol. I use this in the morning and at night before bed! I wash my face and massage it into my skin and let the goodness soak in! My skin looks and feels fantastic! It’s evened out my skin tone and my skin feels soooo soft! I also use it on my kids lips when they get chapped and it clears them up fast! I get mine from Walmart. So it’s super easy to find.

Ingredient list from the Bio-oil website

Another thing I have to have is Mario Badescu facial spray. I use it after my Bio-oil morning and night and also use this as a way to set my makeup or to refresh my makeup! This stuff feel good, smells good and makes my skin so happy! They have a few other things I love too! That I added in the picture below. I purchased these at Ulta.

One more thing (hey we gotta save some for later) is Batiste dry shampoo! It’s the absolute best! I can’t wash my hair everyday so I use this a LOT! I’ve tried many others but this is the HOLY GRAIL of dry shampoos! I sometimes spray it on at night so I can wake up fresh in the morning! You can get this at most stores! And there are even varieties for dark hair and different scents. I got this one at either Ulta or Walmart.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these! If you haven’t and decide to let me Know how it goes. And remember just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will for everyone, these are my personal opinions only!

Thanks y’all! Xoxo JamieB