Oh how things change

When I was a teen I wasn’t really into makeup. I mean, I liked it. I can’t tell you what foundation I used, I’m pretty sure I applied it with my fingers on the fly. I NEVER filled in my brows, or even got them done. I wore makeup most days though, and always had a makeup bag with me. My favorite shadow was Shimmering Sands by Covergirl, that I do remember. It always seemed to make my eyes pop! I still like those colors! I need to get some and do a throwback!

Covergirl Shimmering Sands

Anyways, it wasn’t until my late twenties or early thirties that I began to take a serious interest in makeup and skin care products. It blew my mind how many amazing products there were out there! I was like “what the heck is primer” and “omg so this is what highlight is”. It’s so funny looking back! Idk how I even applied makeup before!

Now I have so may things I love! I think my number one right now is either

The Sultry pallet by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Or the ColourPop Fame palette

It is so funny how things change. What is your then VS your now go to products?

Well hello gorgeous

Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jamie. I am a stay at home mama to 3 pretty great kids and 2 fur babies. I struggle with anxiety and depression and find that makeup and skincare helps to soothe my soul and gives me confidence. I’m always looking to try new products because it’s fun and exciting. I may have a slight addiction but hey, at least it’s makeup right? But anyways, thanks for joining me on this journey.